Cell Phone Plans

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Prepaid cell phone plans are no longer sketchy alternatives for those without a perfect credit rating. They are now the best choice for those who are simply tired of the traditional cell phone plans with the one or two year binding contracts, the overage fees and the micromanagement of minutes on the cell phone plans. Though initially expensive, rates for prepaid cell phone plans are steadily falling. With the increased popularity big service providers are adding prepaid cell phone plans to their menu. Because today many people are becoming frustrated with traditional plans that lock them into a contract, in order to stay competitive, cell companies are offering prepaid cell phone plans that are inexpensive and easy to use. So, take advantage of the growing trend toward pre paid cell phone plans and research the various companies offering them.

What are prepaid cell phone plans?

Clearly self-explanatory, with prepaid cell phone plans you open an account and pay for airtime upfront. Whenever you are out of minutes, simply top off your account or if you do not wish to continue, simply allow the plan to expire. Changing or switching your service provider and cell phone plans was never easier; since you are not bound by any contract simply swap your carrier any day. Though you will not receive the latest gadget or very low cost pr minute rates with prepaid cell phone plans, if you are not a heavy caller and need a phone just for emergency purposes or if you are a senior citizen or a college student it is the best deal for you. A number of people are tired of contracts and signing up for prepaid cell phone plans to be able to be freed from contracts!

How should you use prepaid cell phone plans?

To begin with you must purchase a phone and a set amount of service with a service provider. With some carriers you can buy minutes anywhere from 30 to 1000 minutes to call while with others you buy a calling card. When your minutes or the calling card is over, your phone stops working and you need to purchase more minutes. This avoids any untoward overage charges and hence prepaid cell phone plans are the best when teaching your college going kids to be responsible for their charges. Even those who have never used cell phone plans before can start with prepaid plans before graduating to the traditional cell phone plans.

How to choose prepaid cell phone plans?

Most prepaid cell phone plans charge anything from 10 to 60 cents per minute for your calls and there are a number of variations available. There isn't really a good or bad deal with an array of options to suit personal needs and preferences; you just need to know what you are looking for before signing up. The AT&T GoPhone is probably the most sought after what with the Cingular and AT&T mergers much in news and it being the largest wireless carrier in the country. The plan offers options like unlimited nights and weekends and unlimited mobile-to-mobile with other AT&T mobile subscribers. It even gets you out of the boring handsets and brings you the Motorola RAZR V3! The biggest negative with these cell phone plans is that incoming SMS cost 10 cents each.

The smallest carrier and the earliest to offer prepaid cell phone plans is T-Mobile. Offered are stylish phones like the sidekick 3 and Motorola RAZR V3; pay by day, pay as you go and sidekick prepaid options. Unlimited nighttime and unlimited nationwide calling to another T-Mobile are other advantages, however being the smallest network is a major drawback.

These are just two of the many options available in the prepaid cell phone plans market. Keep in mind that the more minutes you purchase, the less you pay per minute! Another point to consider is that the minutes usually come with an expiration date and may end in 30 days or so. Some carriers do not offer rolling over your balance minutes either so read the fine print before activating your phone. You want to be sure to understand all your rights and responsibilities before choosing a plan. But if you are not happy, the good news is that you can go elsewhere with no trouble.